Registering to vote

With the upcoming Queensland state election on 24 March 2012 and local Brisbane City Council election following on 28 April, over 18s need to ensure they are enrolled to vote. Voting is compulsory for all Australian citizens over 18 and fines will be imposed for non voting. Information regarding enrolment is available here. 

In summary when applying to Vote with the Australian Electoral Commission:

  • All Australian citizens over 18 are required by law to enrol and vote
  • A person can enrol if he/she is 16 or over but can’t vote until he/she turns 18
  • By completing an Electoral form person is enrolling to vote in federal, state/territory and local government elections
    • The AEC will confirm the person’s enrolment once his/her form has been processed
    • Every time a person moves, he/she needs to update the address on the electoral roll. A change of address can be done online at It is a legal requirement to update enrolment when  details change. If person does not, he/she can be removed from the electoral roll and be unable to vote. When updating enrolment details person might also need to update his/her personal details with the relevant state and territory road traffic authority.

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