Provisional Driver’s License

Applying for a P1 or P2 Provisional Driver’s License for a car (class C): QLD

  •  Full details here  for applying for a driver’s license
  • Before being eligible to take a practical driving test the driver must:
  1. be at least 17 years of age and have held learner licence for at least one year within the previous three years (not including licence suspensions or cancellations) and have completed and recorded 100 hours of supervised on-road driving experience (for drivers under 25 years of age) in the Queensland learner logbook. This must include 10 hours of night driving. The logbook must be assessed and passed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (if driver is under 25 years)  before the driver takes practical driving test
  2. pay the practical driving test fee and book the test
  3. complete the Driver Licence Application/ Renewal form (F3000)
  4. show evidence of identity
  5. pass an eyesight test, if required
  6. declare that person is medically fit to drive the class of motor vehicle or obtain a medical certificate from a doctor stating that he/she is   medically fit to drive. Note: If person has a medical condition that might adversely affect his/ her ability to drive or ride safely, he/ she is required to show a medical certificate from a doctor stating that he/ she is medically fit to drive
  7. pass a  hazard perception test (P1 provisional licence holders must pass the hazard perception test in order to graduate to either a P2 provisional or open licence)
  8. pay the licence fee.
  • Once the person has passed the practical driving test, they will receive a provisional licence. Under the graduated licensing system, the type of provisional licence they will receive will depend on how old they are.
  • If under 25 years of age, they will receive a P1 provisional licence. If 25 years of age or older, they will receive a P2 provisional licence.
  • For the first year of a driver’s license person must display ‘P’ plates on the front and rear of the car
  • Drivers must comply with the no alcohol limit (0.00). Drink driving offences carry monetary fines and disqualification periods.

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