Diane Stevens is a mother and enthusiastic cook with a slightly unnatural interest in cleaning products. She shares Kylie Minogue’s view that housework can be rewarding, which is lucky because Diane has helped raise three step daughters and has three children of her own currently at home. Originally from Canada, Diane retired as a portfolio manager and partner of a private asset management firm in Toronto after an eighteen-year career in the investment industry.   Ten years ago, looking to escape Canada’s frozen winters and ice hockey, Diane and her family moved to Australia, where she has immersed herself in the highs and lows of family life. She’s also very mean with a jug of Borax.

Julie Fison is a mother of two boys, travel writer, blogger and author of the children’s adventure series, Hazard River and several titles in the hot new teen romance series, Smitten. Before having children Julie worked as a television reporter in Australia, then Asia and Europe. She has  shaken hands with an orang-utan in Borneo, camped with cranky elephants in Africa and travelled the Mekong River on a barge, with only rat soup for sustenance. Now, she wrestles with homework problems, arbitrates on gaming disputes and spends the rest of the time writing. Visit Speakers Ink  or Creative Net to book Julie for a school or festival visit.

Sarah Cox is a mother of four, a qualified lawyer and a part-time Art History student. Prior to having children she worked in law and tax accounting, taught English conversation to 400 Japanese boys, and studied and worked in professional floral design.  Sarah is passionate about the Arts and is particularly interested in Australian visual arts. She is also dedicated to sharing her love of Australia with her children. She and her family have driven across the Simpson Desert to Uluru and traversed the top end of Australia in a 4WD. But Sarah feels like  she does more kilometres each week ferrying her children to sporting events, music lessons and other activities.

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