Driving to Carnarvon Gorge

By Julie Fison

It seems almost wrong to have a holiday in Queensland without a beach nearby. But  head out to the towering sandstone cliffs of Carnarvon Gorge, 720 km north west of Brisbane, and you’ll see another side of the state – a little piece of Jurassic Park, an oasis of remnant rainforest and crystal clear creeks, platypuses and echidnas and some of the country’s most impressive Aboriginal rock art.

Teen alert: This is a 2000 km round trip, so pack plenty of in-car entertainment. We went with two other families with a good mix of under 12s and teens. This worked really well as teen angst/complaints didn’t dominate the holiday (in fact it rarely even came up). It also meant that on the long walks the children had company.

Day 1 Brisbane to Roma

Day 2 Roma to Carnarvon Gorge

Day 3-4 Carnarvon Gorge

Day 5-7 Carnarvon Gorge – Biloela – Agnes Water – Brisbane

READ full story here. 

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