Getting cricket whites WHITE

After countless soaks and numerous scrubs, are those whites are still looking soiled or dull? Then give this a go:

25 ml (heaped tbsp) Napisan Oxiaction. 25 ml Borax. 4 litres of water in a bucket. Lid or cover for bucket

This chemical cocktail of detergents seems to work better for me at removing those nagging grass and mud stains. Years ago, a friend (mother of a teen) suggested covering the bucket with a lid.  I have found this really reduces your soaking time to overnight instead of days. The theory is less air in the bucket reduces airflow and apparently encourages those chemical enzymes to clean better!  After the soak, just add the sports uniform into a wash with your other soiled white clothes (e.g. socks, tennis whites etc.) and voila!

Note: Napisan Oxiaction is the detergent in the purple jug

          Borax is in a 500g white,round container with red lid

Good luck!


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