Hello world!

Everyone has heard how tricky the adolescent years can be. When your little angel moves to planet teenager, you need to be prepared for mood swings, arguments and absurdly risky behavior. Add alcohol, sex, peer pressure, then throw in a dash of midlife crisis, unhealthy work commitments and the occasional family drama and you’ve got a pretty volatile cocktail.

Whatever! brings you ideas for taking the sting out of the teenage years, suggestions that we hope will help you emerge from this challenging period with a sense of optimism and accomplishment.

We’ll have everything from planning an unforgettable family holiday to expert advice on adolescent sports injuries. We’ll even share the secret to removing those pesky grass stains from the cricket whites.

Whatever! is also a venue for sharing your experiences. It’s a virtual café, if you like – a place to meet up with other parents of teenagers without the temptation of thousand-calorie-a-mouthful chocolate treats.

We can’t promise a silver bullet. But we hope you’ll find information that’s useful and fun.

Buckle up and good luck with your teens!


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